3D Face Technology

For games

Our high-resolution face technology provides for added realism and personalisation to game characters, simply from snapping a photo. The photo is instantly transformed into an accurate 3D avatar, ready to play. Family games become personal.

Being able to run in real-time, the technology can also be used to control head pose and facial expression interactively.

For security

Our face model enhances identity verification and liveliness detection by complementing standard pixel images with full 3D face shape measurement of the person, as well as their facial expression, in real time, in uncontrolled environments.

Additionally, the model enables prediction of the complete facial image when only part of it is visible in the photo.

For beauty

Our face technology enables a try-before-you-buy approach to make-up without the hassle and mess of physically trying products. The 3D model enables a more convenient experience, too, as the consumer can control and view the virtual mirror image from any angle.

By reading your face shape, the technology can be used to fit more products, such as sunglasses, eyelashes, etc.

For you

The technology does not end there. Please get in touch. I'd be happy to have a chat about your work, and how our tech can help.


University of Surrey

Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing